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Well, when I posted that Dying Muse challenge earlier, I didn't expect this to come up of her own volition...

Rating: PG-13
Genre: Crackfic (aka humor)
Disclaimer: Don't own them, not making money, please avoid suing, thank you kindly.

Lee Adama approached his father’s quarters quietly, lost in thought. Giving a brief nod to the Marine guards posted at the door, he entered the hatch, already slightly ajar, and paused to gather his thoughts. It was then that he heard the voices coming from further inside.

“Are you sure you want me to do this?”

“Yes. Bill, I trust you.”

“And I appreciate that Laura, but I wouldn’t say I’m particularly good at this.”

“All you have to do is get it in there for me, Bill. I’ll take care of the rest.” Lee’s eyes widened. Surely, she didn’t mean...

“I’m not sure I can even find the hole.”

“Oh, come on, Bill. I’ve had that particular hole for far too long to believe it would just close itself up after a few years of disuse.” Lee’s face contorted in agony. Run away! Quickly! his mind urged, and yet he found himself frozen to the spot, reeling in horror.

“Ok, I can see the hole, but are you sure about this? I don’t want to hurt you, and that looks rather small.”

“Yes, it probably has closed up a bit, but what you have there isn’t that big. It won’t do any lasting damage.”

“All right,” Bill sighed. “Just hold still for a moment and I’ll try to slip it in there.” No longer able to hold back, Lee felt himself choking out loud as he turned and ran down the hall.

“Did you hear that?” Bill asked. At Laura’s nod, he stood and moved cautiously to the entrance. Seeing nothing, he stepped out into the hallway, just in time to see his son flee around a corner.

“How odd,” he mumbled as he returned to his desk.

“What was it?”

“Lee was here.”

“What did he need?”

“I don’t know. Ran off.”

“Without a word? That’s unusual.”

“Yeah. Now, where were we?”

“My earring. Just one quick push and it should be in.”


Random Crack!Fic inspired by my own personal struggles with finding a hole... IN MY NOSE, perves!
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