Feb. 21st, 2010

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Cause it's fun, and it's EVERYWHERE on my friends list today.

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(Or, rather, challenge The Dying Muse*.)

So here's the deal: I want to write. And I'm pretty sure The Dying Muse does, too. But she just doesn't seem to like any of MY current ideas. So, I think she is requesting a swift kick in the pants. (Which I'd be happy to give her, but it wouldn't help.) What she needs right now is inspiration, and that's where I hope YOU come in. yes, you!

Give me a prompt. A few words, song lyrics, thoughts, whatever. Something that'll maybe get her going. If you'd like to see it with a particular fandom that you know I like, feel free to request it. (Your best bets on not-totally-shitty writing are Xena, BSG, or Alias. Just BTW.) Or if you don't care and just want to light a fire under her ass, then give me carte blanche and I'll try to run with it.

(*Dying Muse, if you missed it - which is entirely possible since it just kinda happened - is apparently the identity of my ficcy muse. I think it's apropos in a few ways. For one, she DOES seem to die a lot. She goes away for long stretches of time. For another, I like to make people die in my fics. Big fan of the mass murder. [I once killed the entire cast of Alias in a 25-chapter-epic-slaughter. {And one of the best parts was a review on an early chapter saying 'I'm glad her world is coming apart, it means things can only get better.' Hee!} Ahem.] So yeah, all in all, I think it's a good name for her. Maybe she'll stay healthy for a bit and not go die on me right now.)
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Well, when I posted that Dying Muse challenge earlier, I didn't expect this to come up of her own volition...

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