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Birthdate:Dec 23
Location:United States of America
I'll add just about anyone, really. Just comment and if I should know you from somewhere, let me know who you are.

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1984, 30 rock, adama/roslin, air hockey, alias, alpha centauri, amusement parks, animal rights, animals, ares/gabrielle, atheism, avenged sevenfold, battlestar galactica, beaches, blueberries, breaking benjamin, bsg, burn notice, care bears, cats, chicago, church and state, claire/locke, coffee, colin farrell, dante hall, day break, destiny, diablo 2, dictatorship, disturbed, dixie chicks, dodge viper, dvds, environment, evanescence, famke janssen, feminism, football, freedom of speech, friends, gabrielle/ares, gabsitis, gandall, gay rights, germany, good shows turned crappy, gracence, greek mythology, griffins, guild wars, guys with accents, hair dye, hawt dark love, hdl, history, hooah, hot men, house/cuddy, hurt, hurt band, icons, irina derevko, jean grey, jeff hardy, johnny cash, julian mcmahon, kansas city chiefs, karl agathon, karl urban, kendall/barnett, kings of leon, kt tunstall, ladders, laura roslin, liberal, locke, lost-forum, madeline kahn, magic springs, mary mcdonnell, mel brooks, munich, nail polish, nutella, oj with pulp, pajiba, photography, photoshop, pink, political left, power, pressure washing, priest holmes, pro-choice, psych, psycho killerz, puss in boots, pyre fierceshot, raider hater, rain, random, reading, roller coasters, rum, ryan gosling, sai, sam anders, sam/kara, sark/sloane, simon/nadia, slark, softball, sporks, stalin, stephen colbert, swanton bomb, syd/will, sylvia plath, tattoos, terry o'quinn, the bell jar, thelma and louise, theory of a deadman, time traveler's wife, tina fey, tony gonzalez, travel, trent green, twizzlers, unconventional ships, vanilla rum and cranberry, vegetarianism, velma kelly, vidding, weapons, wild berry skittles, wolverine/jean, work, wrestling, writing, x-men, xanga, xena, young frankenstein
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