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So Ali and I were just going into Abaddon's Mouth (which really isn't as dirty as it sounds. We were both still fully clothed.) and suddenly... my laptop shuts itself down. It had just down that, which I chalked up to the power cord not being all the way in. But when it died the 2nd time, the cord was definitely plugged in. So... it seems the cord is fucked. I want to take it to Best Buy or somethign and have it looked at. I don't ermember which part of the cord died last time... I think it was the other half.

Great timing, with Lost back in like 2 days. At least I finished my ep forum work on the forum this morning. But I want a new Locke set and now I can't make one. :-(

I was also gonig to do a beach picspam, but... well, the pics are on the laptop. So, I guess not. *whines*
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I feel like shit. 

It's been threatening for a while now, and finally, I am definitely sick. AGAIN. What a bunch of crap. 3rd time in the last 2 months. I don't get sick this often.

Woke up this morning and my throats on fire, all the way down into my chest. Now my head is pounding, whole upper body aches (which is at least partly cause I wiped out in the garage yesterday; when it gets wet, that floor is slippery as fuck.), stomach is iffy, but the worst is the throat. It's killing me. I made soup for lunch or dinner or something, which is about all I can manage. I put some egg noodles in it, and even those hurt. I've got one TheraFlu sore throat packet left, which I'll be drinking on the way to work tonight. That part doesn't help, either; it's been in the mid-30s and lower the last week or so, and being out in that sucks. But I can't call in, because we've only got 4 people in the department right now. I WILL, however, be a lazyass tonight. I'm not leaving the warmth of the guard shack or the break room unless Danny says we have to make a round. Which will hopefully only be 2 or 3 times.

I'll probably stop at WalGreens or the Den of Evil tonight and get some drugs. And then I'll try to sleep a lot tomorrow.


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