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So last night, I went to see WWE Smackdown in Hot Springs. First time any WWE event has been in HS, so that was cool. With Jeff currently being the WWE champion, he was one of the main draws and was in the main event. I had pretty damn good seating, being just 4 rows back from the ring. But those 4 rows made a difference... the tallest person in the section? Sat right in front of me. >.< And his son alternated standing on the chair and waving signs, so ebtween them, it was hard to see for much of the show. Meh. And then, the camera I was using was really not good enough to get clear shots, so most of the ones I took are crap. But some are decentish:Read more... )
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I'm tiiiired. Having trouble sleeping again. And I don't remember if I've eaten today. I know I've had coffee (duh, right? :-p ) but not sure about food. I hate my memory sometimes.

I AM currently munching on some chocolate-covered sunflower seeds the she-rent gave me for christmas, which is a perfect lead-in to...

the Christmas/Bday Loot post! I wasn't entirely planning to do one cause I thought t was boring, and then I thought, 'wait, I enjoy reading other peoples loot posts..' and then Debster encouraged the idea, So I'm doing one. Mixed in with other crap. :-p So basically this post is a Big Damn Pic Spam.

These sunflower seeds are good. Sounds kinda weird, I know, but they are yummy.

Please note, not all gifts are represented; only those that were nearby when I started taking pictures a few minutes ago are here. :-p


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