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I'm feeling vaguely human today, which is lovely. It may have a lot to do with yesterday, in which I actually took medicine and then proceeded to sleep all day. No joke. 

I went to bed around 3 that morning, after getting home from work, and turned my alarm off so I'd just wake up whenever I was ready. That turned out to be just before 11. I took some medicine around 1130 (Ali can tell you, that's no easy task. It also tells you just how crappy I felt, that I was actually willing to take something.) and then passed back out about noon. I was up again at 220, only to go back down not 20 minutes later. And then I woke up for reals around 5. So yeah, got me some good sleeps.

Also, whatever the fuck i have must have a passport, because it's definitely on the move. It started concentrated in the throat/chest, and then that first night and the next day, my head was the problem. Lights, movement, noise, all made it feel like it was going to break. And then yesterday it was the stomach that was worse. It was just rolling all night; not pretty. Today it's been back to the throat as well as nose, but not as bad as it was. (In other words, I haven't taken any drugs today.) The right side of my throat, which always gets swollen when I get sick like this, is still very much swollen, so it's not gone yet. Maybe I'll be all better next year. ;-)

I went and bought 5 books today. Score. I used the Borders gift card I got for christmas. And I still have $2 left on it! I got Stephen Colbert's book, which I shall begin reading momentarily, as well as the His Dark Materials trilogy and a random book about Doomsday Prophecies. It's like an encyclopedia of various prophecies from around the world/religions/history/etc. It caught my eye, being right up front on the clearance shelf. Doomsday FTW! Am plannig a trip to Little Rock in the near future to spend my Best Buy gift card. I don't quite know what all on yet. Will see.
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I feel like shit. 

It's been threatening for a while now, and finally, I am definitely sick. AGAIN. What a bunch of crap. 3rd time in the last 2 months. I don't get sick this often.

Woke up this morning and my throats on fire, all the way down into my chest. Now my head is pounding, whole upper body aches (which is at least partly cause I wiped out in the garage yesterday; when it gets wet, that floor is slippery as fuck.), stomach is iffy, but the worst is the throat. It's killing me. I made soup for lunch or dinner or something, which is about all I can manage. I put some egg noodles in it, and even those hurt. I've got one TheraFlu sore throat packet left, which I'll be drinking on the way to work tonight. That part doesn't help, either; it's been in the mid-30s and lower the last week or so, and being out in that sucks. But I can't call in, because we've only got 4 people in the department right now. I WILL, however, be a lazyass tonight. I'm not leaving the warmth of the guard shack or the break room unless Danny says we have to make a round. Which will hopefully only be 2 or 3 times.

I'll probably stop at WalGreens or the Den of Evil tonight and get some drugs. And then I'll try to sleep a lot tomorrow.


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