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This random little picspam dedicated to [ profile] ageless_aislynn , my fellow Writing Woes friend. ;-)

THIS is Rusty (kinda. I mean, not quite, but just go with it.) Rusty is Aislynn's "trusty" muse:

But for the sake of this picspam not being HORRIBLY wrong, the part of Rusty shall instead be played by...

And the part of my own nameless muse shall be played by...

(that'd be referencing the hot redhead.)

So once upon a time, brave Aislynn was attempting to write. Probably something like this:

But, alas, it was not to be, and Ais was sad.

(I mean, that's one way to deal with the sad. HEY. Who are you to judge?!)

So Ais went looking for her muse.

"Wait, that's coffee cream! Darn. No Rusty here..."

But of course, Ais was diligent! In due time, she found him...

The real shock was exactly WHERE she found him!

Oh, sure, the two TRIED to act like nothing was going on...

and when that failed, they blamed 'outside influences' for it...

and then finally, they took Drastic Action.

Naturally, Aislynn was startled.

( startled A LOT.)

She decided to enlist some help to (literally) round up those Wayward Muses.

That was NOT what she had in mind.


neither was that.

So she ditched the cowboy idea and went to the one other person who would understand.

But as it turned out, Gabs' idea for catching the Wayward Muses was... rather drastic, itself.

And the Muses would not be cornered so easily!

"Yes, I know how to use it."

"Who are YOU callin' easy, hmm?!"

And so Gabs knew there was only one thing to do...


Ais, however, had a new idea... a way to maybe bond with the Wayward Muses...

But wait, that's not a happy look.


And so Aislynn found herself quite baffled, again.

Maybe Gabs was right, and running was the only option...

("Damn,' she thought to herself as she chased after Gabs, "my hair sure does grow back (and change color!) quick!")

For now they saw the reason they were without Muse...


Will the Wayward Muses go back to their rightful owners?

"What, THOSE two?"

Or will the illicit affair continue... illicitly?

Will Gabs and Ais keep trying to... tempt them back?

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