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if any of you missed me. :-p But the tornadoes I posted about in my last update have had me netless for over a week now. Bleh. REALLY fucking with my class. >.< I can't turn in work to an ONLINE class if I can't GET online, hooah?

Anyway. Today's the first time since then that there's been any reasonable net connectivity here. And even that isn't terribly reasonable;  it's in and out. I'm about to go to bed anyway, so meh. I was just amazed to see ANY connection when I got back from work. 

Work is going pretty well, though. We had opening weekend last weekend, and Sunday was rough, but last saurday and today were good. Today was amazing, really; things just went so damn well, parkwide. I'm quite pleased.

And quite tired. Today was an 11 hour day, yesterday was almost 12, tomorrow's looking to be 10... I enjoy it, but fuck am I tired. And my legs are sore.

I'm going to pass out now. I skimmed through my friends list pages from the last weekish, but didn't really read most. If there's anything in particular anyone wants me to look at, hit me with a link.

Missed you guys lots, hope to be really seriously back on Monday.

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I feel like shit. 

It's been threatening for a while now, and finally, I am definitely sick. AGAIN. What a bunch of crap. 3rd time in the last 2 months. I don't get sick this often.

Woke up this morning and my throats on fire, all the way down into my chest. Now my head is pounding, whole upper body aches (which is at least partly cause I wiped out in the garage yesterday; when it gets wet, that floor is slippery as fuck.), stomach is iffy, but the worst is the throat. It's killing me. I made soup for lunch or dinner or something, which is about all I can manage. I put some egg noodles in it, and even those hurt. I've got one TheraFlu sore throat packet left, which I'll be drinking on the way to work tonight. That part doesn't help, either; it's been in the mid-30s and lower the last week or so, and being out in that sucks. But I can't call in, because we've only got 4 people in the department right now. I WILL, however, be a lazyass tonight. I'm not leaving the warmth of the guard shack or the break room unless Danny says we have to make a round. Which will hopefully only be 2 or 3 times.

I'll probably stop at WalGreens or the Den of Evil tonight and get some drugs. And then I'll try to sleep a lot tomorrow.


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